10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Pole Dancing

1. It hurts… A LOT!!!

Good luck wearing a skirt / dress / bikini without looking like you’ve been in a fight or two.

2. It’s not at all sexy.

Think you’ll be looking like JLo in Hustlers… think again. (Although you will learn some of the spins she does in your first month!)

3. The ‘live’ feature on photos will be your best friend

Especially when first starting out, it can be a mission holding poses for long. Make sure you make friends with whoever has the best phone camera and skills…AND TURN ON LIVE!

4. You’re new friends will become very close…very quickly

You’ll be helping each other into all kinds of poses and showing off the marvellous bruises on your inner thigh.

5. You’ll hurt in places you didn’t think possible

V*g!na burn is a think people.

6. You’ll wear less and less week

Those shorts that are basically knickers are necessary, you need your upper thigh for gripping the pole so the more flesh out the better (plus, a little bit of cheek on show makes the photos look better)

7. Progression pics are very important

Some people don’t like sharing photos which is absolutely fine, but sharing them is so important so you can see your own progression and growth. It’s also great if you are left to your own devices for 5-10 mins, you can look back at poses and try again once you’re more confident/skilled.

8. It’s way harder than it looks

This is no where near as easy as it looks!!!

9. You’ll soon find your favourite pole

Width, distance to the fan, spot in the room.. you’ll know it when you find it, trust me.

10. You’ll never look back!!

You may go home in agony. You may be covered in bruises constantly, but you’ll fall in love with pole so blooming quick 😍

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