My Proudest Personal Achievement in 2019

2019 was definitely a year of growth for me.

I leant a lot, achieved a lot, experienced a lot. It was just… well… a lot!!

Without all the jigger jabber, I’m just going to get into the things that I’m most proud of from the year.

1. Growing up / Maturing

I often had comments about being immature (looking back, I don’t think i was truly that bad, but I’ll come onto that a little more in a later point). I think there were times where my energy levels crossed with my naivety would come across as being immature. I’ve definitely learnt when to show my fun side and when to be more serious, but overall, I’m so much more mature than i was.

2. Learning to stand up for myself

This is one I always struggled with. If someone made a comment to me that maybe wasn’t nice, or told me to do something (they usually class this as trying to give you advise but TRUST ME – it’s not!) I’ve now got to a stage where I know to say no, to tell them my true thoughts and, well basically where they can take they advice/comments/opinions 🙂🙂🙂

3. The Brows

Not only has this been of a year of growth for me, but also a year of growth for my brows. I’m not even kidding you…they’ve had a right glow up in the past year and I’m bloody happy with them… proud of you two gems!!

4. Overcoming / dealing with anxiety & PTSD

Last year, I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t doing okay. I went to therapy and it helped so much!!!

I learnt so many techniques that I still use on a daily basis. I’ve finally learnt how to control my anxiety, and even to the point where I can feel a panic attack coming on and know how to stop it.
I still struggle with the PTSD but now I’m at a stage where I don’t let it affect my life, I still have the thoughts and what not but I don’t let them consume me any more… YOU GO GIRL!

5. My Work

I feel like I really excelled in work through 2019. I only started my job in the last quarter of 2018 and so over the past year, I started to take on more responsibility and really do feel like I’ve found something I love!

6. Realising my worth & how I deserve to be treated

I’ve had people in my life who would often make comments, at the time I would think they’re giving advise (as discussed in point one) but it turns out I was just naive and in all honesty, it was just ways for them to manipulate and control me.

Little tip for you: – if someone often make comments about you, i.e you’re immature, your hair looks dead/doesn’t suit you/is too long or short, you’re too close to a friend/parent etc… THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO LOOK OUT FOR YOU!!!!

If that sounds like one of your friends, maybe give that last line another read. And again, One more time. There. Has it sunk in now? Good! You do not need someone in your life like that.

If you’re a beautiful human with a beautiful soul, people should treat you exactly like that.

7. My Money skills

When I tell you I was bad with money in the past, I mean I would spend all my wages in the first week and life off my parents for the other three.

I had a little lesson off my sister Emma in January 2019 and I learnt a lot and, surprisingly… i actually stuck to it!!!!! I know, I’m just as surprised as you are tbh.

There are so many more things I achieved through the year, but these 7 are the things I’m so proud of myself for.


(I feel sick just saying this)

2019 was truly a year of growing and learning for me, so now I’m taking everything 2020 has to offer and being the best version of me possible!!!

Much love x

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